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The only good thing about Sofia's mom sending her to live with her abuela is that finally Sofia and the sea will meet face-to-face.


The sea has always called to Sofia. That's how she knows she’s a mermaid—that, and the fact that the ocean and its creatures are much easier to understand than people.


Sofia longs to meet another mermaid, someone who understands her and the sea completely. And when she meets Luisa, it seems like she's found just that—until the sea betrays them both in one irreversible moment.


Soon their town is overtaken by hurricanes and floods and emotions and questions so big Sofia doesn't know what to do with them. Like, how do you make friends with the sea again? And how do you calm the rough waters within yourself?

Written by Martha Riva Palacio Obón

Cover illustrated by Dana SanMar

Publisher's weekly STARRED REVIEW


"this book will leave readers with the sounds of the sea playing in their ears" — Booklist

"poignant and beautifully written" — Kirkus Reviews

a "profound and insightful tour de force" — Publisher's Weekly

"an exquisite portrait of friendship, loss, healing, and the untamable forces of childhood inquisitiveness, individuality, and insightfulness" — Shelf Awareness

"This sensitive and compelling story creates a mystical world" — The Horn Book

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