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A story about coming to a new home and the diverse people you meet on an airplane. For fans of Last Stop on Market Street.


On this airplane . . . 
Someone travels solo,

two travel as one,
three return
and four set out.

In this simple and moving book, a young family takes a plane to their new home. While onboard, they encounter all the people you meet on a plane: a bookworm, a businessperson, tourists, crying babies and daydreamers. . . all with their own stories and all heading somewhere special.


Illustrated by Pura Belpré Honoree Sara Palacios

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"A calm, informing preflight primer and an engaging book to pack to ensure a smooth trip" —Kirkus Reviews

"Air travel may not always be glamorous, but the creators’ affection for it is evident and affirming in this book that makes the journey the primary story" — Publishers Weekly

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